Generating an AnkiSRS electronic flashcard deck.

I'm planning to build an AnkiSRS electronic flashcard deck as learning just from books is a painfully slow way to start in comparison. There are a few things needed for it and I looked through the links in the Getting Started thread. However, my understanding of Hànjī don't go beyond what intermediate Japanese provides, so I'm fairly lost.

Here's what's needed to generate the deck in question:

  1. Database dump of a dictionary (json, xml etc.)
    A Taioanese->English (in this order, if at all possible) dictionary to get the definitions.
    I assume there must exist a database dump with Pe̍hōejī->English definitions since this exists It credits Reddit user Guohuade for the raw data, but does not include links to it.
    I also looked through the files in this Linux release Moedict-desktop to see if it has anything relevant, but have yet to find anything.

  2. Most common lemmas in order of frequency

  3. Word pronunciation audio files to help with practicing pronunciation (not a 100% must-have)

  4. Example sentences (not a 100% must-have)

Any help greatly appreciated.


I looked at 萌典 – 關於本站, and then It talks about, but that's Mandarin Chinese.

It may be easier to just talk to u/Guohuade. Are you on Reddit? Want me to help reach out instead?

edit: hasn't been active for 5 years.


I sent a message to them, though I don't have very high expectations as they've been inactive for such a long time. has no contact information either, so it seems I'll simply have to keep digging. Perhaps message some of the people on github, see if they know anything.

Just notifying that I did get a response, and the information I got was that all the available dictionaries are too inaccurate to form flashcard decks with. So for now, nothing can be done.


I'm not familiar with learning with Anki, but is that a system which will ask you a question and show the answer later? So I assume you want to build the system with thousands of questions at least, is that right?

Is there a better way for you to learn the language like actually have a talk with native or someone?